Texture Exporter v0.9.5 Released

The latest version of Texture Exporter has been released! In case you’re not familiar, Texture Exporter is an add-on for Photoshop that provides artists and game developers with an easy to use, customizable, and extremely fast way to export and manage texture maps.

One of the more significant changes in this update is that the Free version of Texture Exporter has been completely overhauled. The Free ‘non-commercial’ version now contains the exact same features and functionality as the Indie version with the only limitations being a popup delay when exporting, and an export texture size limit of 64 x 64 pixels. Export settings are compatible between versions, so if you create a file using the Free version, you can export it using the Indie or Pro version (and vice-versa). This lets you properly evaluate Texture Exporter, while allowing an effortless transition between the Free version and the Indie or Pro versions. Click here to download and try out the Free version.

In addition to the Free version’s overhaul, here is a list of several important features that have been added to Texture Exporter v0.9.5:

  • TIF and JPG file types have been added. Texture maps can now be exported as TGA, PNG, TIF, JPG or PSD files. For 16 bit color precision, you can use PNG, TIF, or PSD files.
  • Relative Paths are now supported. This feature was actually requested by someone else, and I was happy to implement it. Relative paths allow for much greater flexibility when assigning export folders for your texture maps.
  • PNG files can now be exported with transparency.
  • Error handling has also been improved. For example, you are now warned if an exported texture map is read-only and given an option to browse to that file’s folder to correct it. This is a very useful feature for those of you working with source control.
  • For a complete list of changes, please see the _readme.txt file included with the latest version of Texture Exporter.

To learn more about Texture Exporter, please click here.

Happy texturing!