Unorthodox Entertainment is an independent software developer focused on the creation of art tools and games. The company was founded in the spring of 2013 by industry veteran, Lee Haneman, who has worked in the games industry since 1996. The goals of the company are to provide other artists and game developers with great tools to improve their workflow in addition to creating unique, entertaining, and high quality games for a variety of different platforms such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles.

The company is currently focused on the launch of Texture Exporter, an add-on for Photoshop which provides artists and game developers with an easy to use, customizable, and fast way to export and manage texture maps.


Lee Haneman

Before founding Unorthodox Entertainment, Lee worked for the gaming industry giant, Electronic Arts for a period of more than 9 years. During that time, Lee was credited on 7 published titles from popular franchises such as Medal of Honor, SSX, and Army of Two, as well as contributing to numerous other unreleased projects.

Prior to joining Electronic Arts, Lee had worked for the independent developer Sir-Tech Canada, who developed and published Wizardry 8 in 2001. Wizardry 8 was the recipient of numerous awards including RPG of the year from Computer Gaming World magazine, and is still regarded highly as one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

Since graduating from the Algonquin College – Animation Television program in 1996, Lee has worked for a variety of different game development companies and in a multitude of different roles such as: 2D/3D Artist, Animation Lead, Department Head of Animation, Technical Artist, Technical Art Director, Environment Art Lead, Art Lead/Director, and Designer.