Introducing Texture Exporter

I am proud to announce that Texture Exporter is now available!

Texture Exporter is an add-on for Photoshop that drastically improves your texture creation work-flow by streamlining the setup, management, and export process. It is easy to use, fully customizable, and extremely fast. Using Texture Exporter will not only save you time and money, but allow you to keep your focus on making great art.

As a veteran game developer and artist with over 19 years of experience, I understand just how important it is to have great tools and an efficient pipeline when creating artwork. Most artists are under tremendous pressure to create outstanding visuals with unrealistic deadlines outside of their own control. There is never any room for error, but iterations are inevitable. This is when and where problems usually occur. Fatigue, frustration, or even complacency kick in, which can lead to many ‘simple improvements’ or ‘fixes’ causing critical errors or bugs that have a significant cost to the project and team.

Texture Exporter mitigates potential errors from artists by streamlining and automating the export process. Artists can still customize their textures the way they like, but all important information such as export locations, name conventions, re-size options, and file formats, are remembered and stored within the PSD file. Artists simply need to click on a button to export their texture(s), and that’s it.

Texture Exporter was created to provide artists and game developers with a highly useful, AAA-quality tool that is affordable to everyone – not just studios with multi-million dollar budgets. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into its creation, so if you think it could be of use to you, please consider purchasing it to help support my efforts and any future updates. I also welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have regarding Texture Exporter, so I can make it as useful and user friendly as possible. Don’t be shy!

Download the Free Trial, purchase the Indie version for only $15, or purchase the Pro version for $30. Buy it now and save 20% on our limited-time promotion for early adopters.

Thank you!