February 2015 – Update

As mentioned in the last post from December, the Unorthodox Game Dev Tools will be taken offline shortly and replaced with a new and improved Photoshop add-on. In the meantime, the free ‘Trial’ version of the Unorthodox Game Dev Tools has already been removed from the website.

The new Photoshop add-on is essentially complete, though there is still a fair amount of work to do on the website updates as well as the tutorials page. Marketing will most definitely be the largest challenge ahead, but I’m confident in the product itself. Hopefully others will agree and help spread the word once it has been officially unveiled.

For those of you that have previously purchased the Unorthodox Game Dev Tools, I will be reaching out to you in the very near future to give you early access to the ‘Pro’ version of this new and improved texture export add-on for Photoshop. Feedback is very important to me as well, so please don’t hesitate to contact me and share any thoughts, suggestions, or questions you may have.

Thank you for your support and patience!